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The history of Moroccan cuisine :

Thanks to the diversity of influences on the Moroccan culture through the long Morocco’s history of immigrants and colonizers , Moroccan cuisine is one of the most unique and special cuisines in the world.

All these influences have left absolutely their mark and impact in more than one way

To this day, people who visit Morocco are all agreed that Moroccan food is rich in terms of diversity and it’s remarkable because it gives that feeling of tasting the history

In Moroccan dishes, a person can taste the trace of Mediterranean, Amazigh, Andalusian, with a slight of Spanish, French and sub-Saharan

In addition, the Arab invasion has brought to Morocco new ways of cooking with a variety types of spices, dried fruits and nuts, and the sour and sweet  mixtures that we find nowadays in dishes such as tagine with lamb and dates

The Moors, who refer to the Muslim inhabitants of the Maghreb, Malta, the Iberian Peninsula and Sicily during the Middle Ages, introduced olives, olive juice and citrus

while the Jewish-Moors have left behind their classy preserving techniques that we find in the regular use of preserved pickles, lemons, etc.

Moreover, The Ottoman Empire although it didn’t conquer Morocco but its influence on the Mediterranean countries  succeeded to get to Moroccan cuisine through grills and barbeque also known as kebabs

And the French colony has left behind an entire culture of cafes, pasteries and even wine while those things weren’t really well known before in Morocco despite the fact that this colony didn’t last long compared to reign of some other empires.

Over the years, Moroccan dishes have been developed and perfected in a way that mix each of those distinct and diverse tastes.

One thing to mention too is that Each Moroccan dish has its unique place in society and differs according the region, the season and the market.

Morocco famous dishes :

As mentioned before, Moroccan cuisine is known by its diversity and through the years it succeeded to establish its place as one of the most important cuisines in the world.

All over the world, you will find definitely people who speak about some dishes that micro known for.

Couscous is one of the most popular Moroccan dishes, it is even considered as the national dish of Morocco and many affirm that its origin came from Moroccan Amazigh people.

Typically, couscous is made with seven vegetables and it takes lots of efforts and time to make it in the traditional  Moroccan way.

Traditionally, it is made also from the hard part of the wheat, the part of the grain that resisted the grinding of the millstone.

The semolina is scattered with water and rolled by using the palm of the hands to form small pellets, sprinkled with dry flour to keep them separated, and then sieved

A process that takes almost one hour only for the semolina.

This process is the traditional Moroccan way of making it that most families still do to this day, but other families now buy it in packages.

Also, it is an old tradition in all Moroccan regions to have a couscous meal in this day of prayer as manner to celebrate it.

Eating Moroccan couscous is definitely a must when visiting Morocco

Tagine (spelled also Tajine) is a famous Moroccan dish, usually made of meat and with a wild selection of vegetables but also it can be made of chicken and fish.

the tagine has an exceptional taste thanks to the popular spices included in its making process such as ginger, saffron, cumin, cilantro and cinnamon as well as ground red pepper

it is cooked in a unique traditional tajine pottery allow the steam to rise , condense and drop back down again to the stew which give a delicious taste at the end.

Each region in Morocco has its own way of making this dish, therefore we find many varieties and different manners of cooking when it comes to Moroccan tagine.

tagine dishes might include chicken with dried apricots, meatballs (or ketfa) with tomatoes and eggs, lamb with raisins or prunes and almonds, lamb with dates, chicken with olives and preserved lemon.

Pastilla is originally an Andalusian dish that has been brought to Morocco by the Moors in the 15th century.

Since then, it became a mark Moroccan dish that many Moroccans proudly claim that it was developed and perfected in the kitchens of Fez ( a Moroccan city).

It takes as well a long time and lots of work and effort to prepare, that’s why you wills see it usually in weddings or some other special occasion.

Pastilla is large pastry-like dish with a pigeon or chicken stuffing wrapped in a very thin, crispy pastry crust, and scattered with some sugar and cinnamon.

that gives this dish an exceptional mixture between a savory and sweet taste.

It exists many other famous Moroccan dishes such as Tanjia well known in Marrakech and Rfissa, besides drinks like mint tea and coffee, etc.

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Marrakech : city of tourism

Marrakech is a famous Moroccan city well known all over the world as one of the most beautiful cities.

As you stroll through Jemaa El Fna Square and the colorful souks and oriental smells, the red city responds with a snap of your fingers to your desire for a change of scenery.

Tourists also admire all the architectural richness of the Medina, it’s an extraordinary experience to have when you visit one of its many riads ( small Oriental palaces organized )

Marrakesh becomes a place renowned for its culture, architectural heritage, traditions and arts such as Moroccan craftsmanship  that gradually seduces a large number of people every year.

And absolutely it’s also known for its amazing food, a cuisine rich of many delicious dishes where we find at the top dishes such as couscous, tagine, and Tanjia.

Many good addresses with excellent service you can visit while you are in Marrakech to have this wonderful experience Like Le Kilim, one of the best restaurants in Marrakech

Why you should eat at le kilim restaurant ?

Le kilim is a restaurant which is located in Gueliz, Marrakech founded by Mr. Kamal LAFTIMI and considered now as one of the best restaurants that you can visit.

With its modern cuisine that includes international Moroccan dishes and still attached to its Marrakchies roots.

Le kilim offers a unique diverse menu to discover and enjoy Modern and healthy food with a good selection of salads and main dishes for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people,

Not only that but also a great service that will make the experience more remarkable.

It succeeded to create a menu that travel you to every bite, at any time of the day and with healthy and local products thanks to the quality of its stuff’s work.

To start your day off on the right foot, KILIM offers an ideal traditional breakfast featuring homemade Moroccan dishes such as Shakshouka, to be enjoyed with fresh bread and a delicious mint tea

KILIM also offers ricotta-stuffed pancakes, homemade granola or yogurt pancakes.

With the help of the best chefs and Thomas Roger, international chef, Le KILIM has managed to create a menu that transports you to every bite, at any time of the day and with healthy and local products.

In order to remain faithful to its Marrakech roots, the KILIM also offers typical dishes of the region, full of flavors and spices, such as meatballs (or ketfa) with tomatoes and eggs, chicken tagine with olives and preserved lemon or tagine made of fish, candied lemon and green olives.

Finally, the KILIM offers desserts that are as original as they are tasty. The signature dessert is undeniably the date and nut cake, followed closely by the fruit cheesecake and the semolina cake with yogurt.

Le kilim is large, spacious and airy restaurant itself is decorated in a modern Moroccan style with a beautiful terrace hidden by greenery and our interior spaces that give you the impression of inviting you in a Moroccan riad of the 60s.

All these elements make le kilim restaurant one of the best restaurants in Marrakech and visiting it is a must to make your   experie