Le Kilim Restaurant in Gueliz | Food delivery in Marrakech


After the success NOMAD, LE JARDIN and the famous Café des épices knew, Kamal Laftimi opens LE KILIM in the center of the city, close to everything. Inspired from the glowing red of Marrakech and the artistic vintage Moroccan decorations, the classical dishes and international flavors, we managed to create a restaurant, not only modern but true to its Marrakchi roots.

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A restaurant with Moroccan Arts and crafts of 21st century in Marrakech

LE KILIM is a loft like space decorated with vintage and modern artisanal pieces. Hanging in one of our walls, we have chosen to honor one of the most iconic kings of Morroco, Mohamed the 5thwho reigned in the 20s until the 60s, getting out of the classical portrait, the painting is a minimalistic perspective with the red Tarbouch, an item representing the Moroccan culture at best. A restaurant that was decorated by Anne Emmanuelle Favier, with cooper traditional bucket lamps hanging on the ceilings that brings originality and an artisanal touch to the space, adding to it oversized braided straws lamps with warm lights at night. The Zellige in the ground, in variations of red, is a signature of the Marrakech Gueliz restaurant . As the art of the Zellige was born in Morocco in the 10th century inspired from the roman culture, we have chosen a modern aspect to it by keeping the Beldi-chic decoration with the red of the city. KILIM also means a particular type of rugs, an originally Turkish art that was also used and made in Morocco and North Africa. We chose to cover all our chairs and cushions with Kilim rugsin order to keep the unified red and traditional look.

A restaurant’s unique cosmopolitan menu to enjoy in Marrakech

The day starts with an exquisite breakfast where we serve a mix of homemade Moroccan dishes such as Shakshouka, with local and simple products that you can eat in every Moroccan house and can enjoy with a hot mint tea and homemade bread. You can also enjoy your morning coffee with stuffed crepes with ricotta, house granola or yoghurt pancakes to start your day. With the help of our best chefs and the international chef Tomas Roger, we have gathered meals that will take you away with each bite. Original sandwiches with falafels, crispy chicken, sometimes served as toasts garnished with eggplant caviar and herbs or avocado particularly made for our vegetarian guests. Staying true to the roots, we suggest the Moroccan Marrakchi classics;Kefta and eggs, lamb shank or an exquisite grilled fish tagine, and many other surprises, but be careful to leave room for dessert. To end your meal, you can enjoy a soft cheesecake with fruits or a semolina cake with yoghurt and for the sweet tooth, a chocolate and orange tart.

LE KILIM is an open eye on the modernity of Marrakech, a Gueliz restaurant that feels like your Marrakchi home.

After the successful branch of restaurants in the Medina, our group decided to open a chic and trendy spot in the heart of the red city.

Le kilim restaurant is a Marrakech restaurant located in the center of Gueliz, with a very minimalistic decoration and a beldi-chic atmosphere, visitors are bound to get lost in the tranquility of our spaces.

A healthy and versified menu awaits for you. If you are lover of salty-sweet dishes, look no further, our Briouattes with sweet tomato confit will be like butter in your mouth. Grills and sandwiches are the specialty of the house, so if you are looking for places to eat in Marrakech  Le Kilim restaurant is your address. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are also available to satisfy all the clientele we receive.

And to all of our sweet-tooth lovers, a variety of desserts are waiting for you to savor along with one of our signature cocktails or the famous Moroccan tea.

As one of Marrakech’s best restaurants  we chose a very minimalistic decoration, using the famous red of Marrakech, walls were decorated with nothing but traditional tapestry, Zellige was used on the floors of the restaurants to keep the Marrakchi spirit alive. Very light lighting was used to keep the very romantic and chicness idea Anne Favier had in mind for Le kilim.

Whether, you are here for a breakfast, lunch or dinner our team will make sure that every demand you have is attended to, our doors are open from 07 AM to 00 PM. Bookings are taking care of by our sales team to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience, and if you want to come over for just drinks a table will always be waiting for you.

Not only are we one of  Marrakech’s best food spots, but we are pace of conviviality.

Therefore, if you want to take a break from discovering the old city and want to step into the modernity of the red city, Le kilim is the best place to come to. With our beautiful terrace hidden by greenery and our inside areas that make you feel like you are relaxing in a 60s Moroccan Riad.

Many bloggers and famous artists graced our restaurant and loved it, so make sure to follow us on our social media platforms to get our latest and travel the world from your living room.

Le kilim is waiting to welcome you and have live one of the best experiences of your life.

LE KILIM : Best bar lounge in Marrakech

LE KILIM welcomes you for a once in a lifetime experience in its beautiful setting in the heart of Gueliz. From various dishes, to signature cocktails you are bound to make our restaurant your favorite spot.

As one of Marrakech’s best wine restaurants, a variety of choices are presented in our menu, from 95 signature cocktails, to classical 90.

If you are a wine lover and appreciate a good atmosphere, LE KILIM is the best bar lounge in Marrakech to go to, with a beautiful dimmed atmosphere and Moroccan crafts you will be transported.

So, if you are in Marrakech be sure to visit us for a good time, good food, good drinks and unforgettable memories.