Coffee break with… Fatima-Ezzahra - LE KILIM

Every month, let’s meet one team member of the beautiful team at your favorite restaurant in Marrakesh, Le Kilim! We asked all them a few questions about the restaurant, their favorite Moroccan food and about things to do in Marrakesh. Today, meet Fatima Ezzahra!

What is your position at Le Kilim?

I am a clerk of rank, my job is to take orders, serve customers and especially to make sure that everyone has a good time.

What do you like most about Le Kilim?

It reminds me of traditional Moroccan houses and my family. It is a constant link with my culture and my traditions. The staff has also established a magnificent family spirit, I feel perfectly at my place and well surrounded.

A word to describe Marrakech

The best word to describe Marrakech is “Blad el behja” or good mood. It is a city that gives warmth to the heart and where the inhabitants are always smiling, always ready to receive and share with others.

Your favorite dish at Le Kilim?

One of the dishes that I particularly like at Le Kilim is the lamb mouse. All its flavors and spices from Morocco are a real delight. And with the sweet and savory side, this dish reminds me of one of my favorite Tagines : slow-cooked meat with prunes.

Kawha or atay? (Coffee or tea?)

Atay of course! It’s the typical drink of Marrakech. The mint of the region is a real delight, hence the fact that the best mint tea in Morocco is surely in Marrakech.

What is the best thing to see in Marrakech?

The Jemaa el Fna Square ! It’s a timeless place full of surprises with some shows all day long. It remains a huge part of our Marrakchi heritage and culture.

Your favorite expression or quote?

” Mrahba bli ja w jab ” in French means «welcome to the one who doesn’t come empty-handed» which perfectly describes Moroccan hospitality and the spirit of sharing. In Morocco, when you visit someone, you always bring something, usually food, to share with the host.