A one-day circuit in Gueliz - LE KILIM

There are so many things to do in Marrakesh and you must stop by Gueliz for at least a day. Not only to come to try one of the best places to eat in Marrakesh, Le Kilim, but also to visit the must-sees places. We propose you a little circuit of places not to miss when you are visiting.

Stop 1 : YSL Museum

First stop, the beautiful Yves St-Laurent museum. No need for introduction, the famous designer YSL was a remarkable artist and his work is celebrated at YSL Museum.

Stop 2 : Jardin Majorelle

After an immersion in YSL’s world, head to the Jardin Majorelle. This renowned garden used to be the garden of the famous painter, Majorelle, who used to bring back plants and trees from his travels. Walking around discovering all these different species makes a nice and pleasant moment to reconnect with the beauty of nature. There is also a little museum in the garden, Berber Museum, located in the old Jacques Majorelle’s painting workshop. 

Stop 3 : Lunch break at Le Kilim

If you’re always wondering where to eat a good lunch in Marrakesh, come discover our new restaurant. Serving breakfast and lunch, our vibrant café proposes a Moroccan cuisine with a modern touch. For your lunch options, opt for our delicious shredded beef toast spiced up with harissa or our turmeric chicken dish. Keep reading to start your shopping tour!

Stop 4 : Shopping

It’s shopping time! In the Gueliz, you can easily find cool places to shop. You can go to Carre Eden or Menara Mall, both are malls full of nice shops and brands. If you’re more into traditional handmade pieces, go to the medina and try not to get lost!